GuardVest is an independent service which measures and tracks key portfolio metrics, keeping investors informed so that they are able to hold advisors accountable for the advice they deliver.

GuardVest brings speed and simplicity into the process of becoming an informed investor. With the click of a button, compare and track your portfolios in several key financial metrics such as risk, expenses and returns --allowing for an objective and comprehensive assessment of how you're doing compared to other investors like you, as well as market indexes. With features such as the Free-Look Portfolio and Advisor Report Card, GuardVest effortlessly gives you the tools you need to stay engaged with your portfolio and hold your advisor accountable for delivering the results you are counting on.


As Co-Founder of GuardVest, Steve Scanlon is tasked with developing and overseeing the implementation of a revolutionary financial measurement tool designed to track investment portfolio performance, while keeping tabs on individual advisors and their accountability to the clients they manage.

Scanlon has enjoyed a stellar career as a financial executive and has an inherent understanding of how investment performance should be inexorably tied to productivity. 

A 10-year veteran of AllianceBernstein, one of the largest money management firms in the world, Scanlon held several key positions while based in their New York City office.
During his time with AllianceBernstein Scanlon was the head of all insurance services for five consecutive years. He adapted himself into a natural fit for an advocacy role within the firm. Steve then rose to the position of Global Head of Sales defined contribution in 2008. One year later, he returned to Dallas to oversee all financial service practices in the North Texas Region.

As Scanlon’s career progressed, he became a staunch advocate for accountability vs. performance—of which GuardVest’s service is based. Fed up with the apathy and lack of reporting knowledge within the financial advisory world, Scanlon decided to co-found GuardVest, an independent measurement service which tracks key portfolio metrics to keep investors informed—and advisor’s accountable.

Prior to joining AllianceBernstein, Steve spent eight years at Manulife Financial.


During his 20+ year career in financial services, Audie has worked with some of the most respected names in the industry such as AllianceBernstein, Bessemer Trust and Principal Financial Group. Audie has run businesses that cover virtually the entire landscape of individual financial services, from 401(k) plans, Separately Managed Accounts, Closed-End Funds, ETF’s, Structured Products, Variable Annuities to Hedge Funds, and Private Equity. In addition, Audie has served as a senior portfolio manager and also served in the inner circle of product development for retail and institutional investors.

Having advised clients ranging from individual investors, multi-generational family offices and institutional investors, Apple has seen first-hand how the explosion in variety, complexity and opaqueness of investment management services and products has come to confuse even relatively sophisticated investors. The packaging of investment products by financial services firms obscures the expenses investors are paying and even the results delivered. The outcome is an investment landscape in which the need for good advisors is greater than ever. At the same time, measuring and tracking their portfolio and advisors has become far too complex a task for most investors. With the conception of the Advisor Report Card, his vision for GuardVest is to demystify this world in a way that holds Wall Street and their advisors accountable in a thoughtful way. With the click of a button investors are able to easily measure and track the performance of their portfolio from multiple perspectives like fees, risk and returns versus other similar investors--as well as relevant market indexes.