Returns are Hopeful, Fees are Certain...

The disclaimer accompanying every investment product pitch that “past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results” has in the past several decades become so familiar that it seems to have lost it’s impact on investors.  In fact, judging by individual investor capital flows, it seems that investors believe quite to the contrary that the past is prologue.  Of course, investors have learned time and time again that chasing yesterday’s winners is hazardous to your wealth.

But the good news is that there is at least one variable that is both identifiable and controllable – expenses.   And there is an enormous body of research that illustrates investors place the odds strongly in their favor when they diligently seek out and minimize investment expenses.  Working with an investment advisor?  Be sure and tell them that you want to keep expenses to a minimum and ask them to provide a complete accounting of all expenses incurred to manage your account.

Need some help with that conversation?  GuardVest is here to help you engage with your advisor and ensure that you’re fully informed and doing all that can be done to control expenses and  maximize your returns.  The service is free for investors, so try it now!