The Real Cost of Professional Money Management

Over the weekend, The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Zweig wrote an intriguing piece in his weekly column, The Intelligent Investor. The title was, “The Incredible Shrinking Management Fee”. In this article, Zweig tackles a subject dear to the heart of GuardVest’s advocacy—the fact that you’re likely paying too much in fees to have your money professionally managed.

It's really not hard to imagine.  With the explosion in investment products available in the past decade, it has become quite difficult for investors to know what they are paying at all.  In a recent survey of investors, Cerulli Associates found that only 40% of investors were willing to guess if they paid fees or commissions while 60% of investors said either "I don't know" or "my advisor works for free".  

To address the critical point made in the WSJ story--is your money part of the $250 billion dollars paid to advisors and not you? For an unbiased third-party investigative look at your situation, GuardVest is the solution. That’s because our primary concern is giving you--the investor--the ability to track the performance, expenses and risk you experience based on the guidance of your Financial Advisor.  We want you to be able to hold your advisor accountable and to be certain you're getting a fair shake.

In todays complex capital markets world, a good advisor is more valuable than ever -- but at the same time, bad advice can be very costly. 

Which one do you suppose you have?

By utilizing GuardVest’s Advisor Report Card, we can tell you in as little as 30 seconds whether or not you’re getting a fair deal and reasonable returns on your portfolio. Your other alternative is hope—and we believe that hope is not a constructive strategy.

 GuardVest does not manage money or recommend specific funds, firms or advisors. We simply aim to level the playing field between investor and advisor. Our mission statement is clear: we endeavor to keep investors informed and hold advisors accountable for the results they deliver. Give us a try and reach your own conclusion. We know you’ll be satisfied.