How secure is linking my account to GuardVest

  1. GuardVest is a read-only service, so no one can move money in or out of GuardVest, not even you.
  2. We do not store or save your credentials.
  3. GuardVest uses multiple levels of bank-grade security, including encryption, to protect your information.
  4. GuardVest uses Intuit, a leading provider of account aggregation services to banks, brokerages, and financial institutions, to import your portfolio information safely and securely.

Still don't want to login to your financial institution through GuardVest? No worries, you can enter a portfolio manually and still get a report card!

To do this we need to understand your current financial holdings. You can enter your holdings manually into one or more Free Look Portfolios as follows:

  1. In the left tab of the main Report Card page, click “Free Look Portfolio” and then “Generate New FLP”.
  2. Enter a name for your FLP and click Add.
  3. Manually add your holdings via ticker symbols.
  4. You can manually add your advisory fees if you have an advisor.
  5. Click “Save”.
  6. You can now choose your FLP from the Account drop down menu just like your real account and compare it in our Report Card tool.