The GuardVest Story

After more than 20 years in the financial services business, Steve Scanlon and Audie Apple launched GuardVest to transform the investor-advisor business model. The reason behind the venture is simple: The current investor-advisor business model is badly broken, and GuardVest was launched to fix it. 

Why is the investor-advisor model broken? Because financial advisors are no longer held accountable. 

Remember 20 years ago when financial advisors were called stockbrokers? Why did that eventually change to financial advisors? Previously, when you used a stockbroker, it was easy to see if they had skill. As dated as it is now to talk about getting information from a newspaper, that's exactly what we all used to do. A broker could recommend a stock, and you could buy it or not, and track it in the newspaper to see if it was a good investment. If your stockbroker made good picks, that led to trust. In today’s financial world, trust has been lost.

Do you really know if the moves your financial advisor has made in your investment portfolio have actually performed well? How do you know if they are beating the indexes? Are you better off owning what you have now or what you started with in the beginning? If you sell one mutual fund to buy another, how do you track that advice? Not in the newspaper.

We believe this is exactly what the big brokerage firms want, ambiguity. That doesn’t mean all advisors are bad or that you don't need and advisor. We do believe the investor who hires an advisor has no real chance to actually hold their advisor accountable, especially if you have less than $1 million to invest. We can’t tell you how often we’ve heard, “Things are going up, so that’s good.” Is it? What if things are going up faster than you think, with less risk, and you aren’t actually getting the best advice? What if your fees are 2%(or more and you thought you were paying closer to 1%. If you have less than a million dollars to invest, then you are paying a lot more than you think. 

You need to have as much knowledge as possible to successfully manage your advisor. GuardVest puts efficiency and control back in your corner. Good advisors will appreciate the knowledge you gain from GuardVest. Poor advisors might not meet this news with such enthusiasm. Which type of advisor do you have?

The GuardVest Value Proposition

  • GuardVest levels the playing field for the investor and advisor.
  •  GuardVest is an independent service that measures performance and tracks expenses. We keep investors informed so they can hold their advisors accountable.
  • GuardVest brings speed and simplicity to the process of becoming an informed investor. With the click of a button, you can compare and track your returns, risk and fees to see how you're doing compared to other investors as well as market indexes.
  • With features such as the Advisor Report Card and Free Look Portfolio, GuardVest helps you quickly measure your financial advisor’s performance.