This stuff is hard

This stuff is hard.  You'd need a lot of time, patience, data and know-how to do the job right.

We just happen to have all those! 


Guardvest compares your portfolio to standard benchmarks

Guardvest shows you where you stand in plain english 

Guardvest alerts you to take timely action

Guardvest objectively evaluates new investment strategies


" I had no idea what my expenses were until I used Guardvest. I was shocked at how high they were. I like my advisor but not at that fee. I used the Guardvest report card and negotiated a more than 50% discount. Now I can keep my advisor but also keep more of my money."

User Tom S

"I don't look at my account as much as I should. I made a 10% return and thought that was good in 2013. I used the Guardvest report card and quickly realized that the funds my advisor selected underperformed the indexes and I should have been up 17%."

 User Dan B